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Want to see how exciting your advertising can really be? Then you’ve got to see it through a pair of Thrillscape Glasses! You can receive Free 3D Demonstration Kit by sending us your mailing information below.

Free 3D Demonstration Kit
You’ll receive 3 pairs of Thrillscape Glasses: Anaglyphic Glasses, Chroma Depth Glasses, and the Color Code 3D Viewing System, so you can enter the world of 3D that will surround you with images so real you’ll want to reach out and touch them! See how different 3D techniques can make your advertising absolutely irresistible. Your Free Demonstration package includes samples of actual Thrillscape Anaglyphic Glasses (the familiar Red and Blue glasses) that transform full 4-color print, movies, TV and websites into an amazing 3D experience, Chroma Depth, our exclusive clear lenses that for viewing full 4-color print, movies, TV ad websites in full 3D, and Color Code 3D, the patented amber and blue lens glasses specially designed to make your website and other computer graphics practically jump off the screen.
You’ll also receive a gallery with over a dozen samples of 3D graphics and actual advertisements, and access to special web pages designed just for Color Code 3D.
To receive your Thrillscape Free 3D Demonstration Kit, simply send us your mailing information below, and your Free Kit will be sent within 24 hours.

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