Frequently Asked Questions
Can you explain your terms? Like minimum orders, payment, and delivery charges / process?
Sure! For new customers, we generally require prepayment before we ship. For most 3D glasses, the minimum order is 50 pieces. Freight terms are calculated based on the buyer’s ship-to location, and will be added to the final invoice.
For custom glasses, a deposit before any design work starts is a must.

Can you help us with artwork/design for custom imprinted 3D glasses?

Yes, we can help you come up with a design / style that really fits you. Of course, you supply your logo or similar, but we’ll do the rest.

We want a 3D ad, but can’t make one. Can you help?

Yes!! Besides supplying the 3D glasses, we can convert any of your marketing collateral to 3d.

We want 3D glasses in a custom shape – can we get one?

Absolutely – tell us what you want, and we’re almost certain to make it a reality.

How long is the lead time for custom glasses?

Typically several weeks. Sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on your needs. As always, contact us and we’ll discuss timeframes.

We want to purchase some of the prepackaged “resale” glasses, but we want them for our youth group / church / school / club. In other words, we don’t really want to resell them – is that ok?

Yes, that’s perfectly fine. They are packaged that way because even “non-retailers” can make money selling these (in the case of a church, for example, they are a great fundraiser.) But you need not resell them if you do not wish to.
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