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Welcome to Thrillscape

Entertainment in the Third Dimension


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Supplier of 3D Glasses based in London, Plastic 3D Glasses, Custom Printed 3D Glasses 

Our Story

We work with PR, media companies and theme park companies who are excited about the possibilities of using 3D for enhancing their customer experience in promotions and entertainment, but who are struggling to find a partner who can help them develop this market and are concerned that they lack the in-house know-how and expertise to do this themselves. Our clients are very keen to make use of 3D technology and are worried they might miss out to their competitors who are embracing it. We provide our clients with 3D glasses and a range of 3d innovations so that you can give your promotions and marketing a great 3D look that will really wow your prospects and clients. We take care of the technology, so you can concentrate on the power of your message. 

14 Ways To Use Thrillscape 3D Glasses

  • Fireworks Displays
  • Holiday Events
  • Eclipses
  • Fun at the Beach
  • School Outings
  • Sporting Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Specially Designed 3D Advertising
  • Internet Website, Holiday Cards
  • 3D Geographical Mapping
  • Unforgettable Sales Presentations
  • Multimedia Displays
  • Ride Simulators
  • Viewing DVD and Blue Ray Movies

Who is your target market? Want to Thrill them?

Want to reach kids? Adults? Businesses? Homeowners?

Thrillscape 3D glasses can be included with cereal, soft drinks, in comics, magazines or newspapers, with toys or colouring books, or handed out at events. 

Are you a PR company, film, video production or print company?

Do you have a powerful message to send and want to enhance that with 3D technology, but are uncertain about how to apply 3D effectively? DO you have great marketing people but limited experience with 3D and how it can help you? We provide top quality 3D glasses and a range of visual effects (both 3D and non-3D) that are guaranteed to help you take advantage of this new technology so that you can concentrate on maximizing your local and regional campaigns. We are passionate about helping you master innovative graphic design that includes 3D, so that you can develop leading edge marketing and entertainment impact.