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You want some serious 3D for your company promotion?

You can get record-breaking results when you use the same 3D technology as today's blockbuster films.

Thrillscape is the London Headquarters for the most popular 3D glasses in the world. At Thrillscape, you’ll find you’ll see how our patented 3D and other paper optics turn any marketing campaign into a thrilling, eye-opening experience.

Every pair of Thrillscape Glasses is an experience waiting to happen. Every style has helped businesses with a memorable and effective promotional tool.


Thrillscape Gets Results. What Kind Of Results Can We Help You Get?

The easiest way to see what Thrillscape Glasses can do for you is to see actual examples of what successful marketers have done in the past!

One of the “Big Three” American Car Brands included 3D glasses with their ad in Sports Illustrated Magazine to create a 3D effect that surrounded viewers with floating images, launching one of their most successful campaigns of the year. 

At a famous light show at a park their 3D glasses are so popular that demand increases every year. 

At a famous holiday spectacular, tens of thousands of audience members were given holiday styled 3D glasses every year to create a festive scene that literally surrounded them.

Last year a sports team was building a new stadium and selling season passes for their most exclusive seating. They sold out with the help of 3D glasses that enabled fans to experience all around them before it was even built!

A local Chamber of Commerce gives away 5,000 Holospex viewers with our special Christmas Star pattern as a fund raiser at their holiday tour of lights. 

A growing hotel chain gave away HoloSpex glasses with snowflake designs with a detachable coupon to offer a discounted room rates at a new hotel. Detachable coupons have been used on Fireworks Glasses by fast food chains, by Eyeglass Stores to offer free Eye Exams, by a casino to offer discounted admission to their fireworks shows, and by hundreds of others. 
What would you like to promote? We'll show you how your next coupon campaign can be your most successful ever, when it's attached to Thrillscape Glasses! 

Thrillscape offers you an opportunity to make a lasting impression with a truly unique and thrilling way to advertise. Put your advertisement on Thrillscape Glasses and you’ll get long lasting impact from a marketing tool that consumers will keep and show off again and again, for results you can’t get anywhere else.
Thrillscape gives you more sales for your advertising investment!

Mission Statement

Thrillscape’s mission is to provide quality, immersive 3D entertainment. We do this by supplying the world’s best 3D glasses, and by developing cutting-edge, interactive 3D amusements.